What type of needles

Hey guys. I bought a new pattern online and I was wondering if there’s a way I can find out if I need to use circle or straight needles. It is only written as “8mm needles”. I’d post the pattern on here but as I purchased it I’m not sure if I’d be breaking the rules of buying and giving away goods and such.

Thank you fellow knitters


The pattern has a front and back instructions so does this mean straight needles?

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Your pattern should say maybe in the notes before the actual pattern. If the pattern has directions for a front and back it’s very likely knit flat. In that case you can use either straight needles or circular as you prefer. Circular needles work to knit back and forth or in the round. To knit flat you turn at the end of the row as usual rather than joining to knit in the round.
Thanks very much for thinking about copyrights. You can tell us the name and designer of the pattern and that is almost always a help.

A link to a pattern, paid or not, is generally helpful. I’m knitting a seamless cardigan, flat and I’m using circular needles. I find them easier to manage than straight needles and so they’re all I use. For this project the length of a straight needle would be very prohibitive…impossible is more like it.

If the front and back are knitted separately, then that would mean knitting flat.

You can knit flat on straight or circular needles. (When using the circular needle, you just knit back and forward without joining, as though you were using straight needles.)

Can you tell us what the pattern is for, e.g. cardigan, vest?