What type of decrease do I do?


I’m still a beginner knitter and am a bit stuck!

I’m hoping to knit a little cardigan but I’m already confused. It tells me to decrease but I’m not sure which type of decrease I should use in this instance.

Also, when it says “each end” does that mean at the start and end of those rows?

Here is a photo of what I’m hoping to knit and the part of the instruction I’m stuck on.

Would be grateful for any help and suggestions :grimacing:


Hi Welcome to KH. That’s a very pretty cardigan, be sure to post a photo when you finish it :slight_smile:
You will decrease at each end of the row usually by knitting 2 together (k2tog) and usually just on the Knit side when using stocking stitch, unless the pattern asks for anything specific in the notes
Hope this helps

Great, thank you very much for replying so quickly! Yes, that does help a lot :smiley: Will post a picture when done!

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It sounds like the designer is leaving it up to the knitter. I would do a fashion decrease by slanting left on the right (to the knitter) shaping & left on the opposite. I would do it on the second stitch in.

I knit Eastern Uncrossed so my instructions would be backward to you. But if you knit either English or continental, you would do
K1, s1 k1 psso on the right (to you) end.
On the other end youd knit til 3 stitches remain. K2 together, knit 1.

There is nothing at all wrong with decreasing on the very end stitch. But I think this fashion decrease is so much tidier. Look it up. Aka full fashioned decrease.

Here is a video describing what Im saying.

Thanks, that’s great! I’ll take a look and give it a go! :smiley: