What "Type" Knitter Are You?

I did not compose this but as I read it in my Knitting Rules book I thought “gee, I wonder what kind of knitter everyone is?” … decided to (try and) find out. :teehee:

THE MISSIONARY: Missionary knitters are those who, regardless of their skill level, are compelled to spread the word of the knit. Convinced (and quite rightly) that knitting is the best thing since sliced bread, they’re forever attempting to spread the word of the wool and convert ordinary people into knitters. Their enthusiasm is infectious and they’re generous with lessons, time and knitting supplies. Their motto is “don’t knock it til you’ve tried it” and they’re visionaries of the knitting world. Missionaries are by nature, giving people, and will often make a gift of yarn or needles to a fledgling knitter to entice her and keep her knitting. Sometimes called “pushers” by other knitters, missionaries will always encourage a stash-enhancing trip, never turn down a knitting social event, and are usually the head of the local knitting club. :grphug:

THE SENSEI: Senseis have elevated knitting to a lifestyle. Never without needles and yarn, there’s nothing knitting senseis don’t know, and many of them are natural teachers. Through a combination of experience, education, and good instincts, knitting senseis are walking knitting text books. Wondering how to make the top of a sock stretchy enough? Knitting senseis know a dozen cast ons. Mis-cross a cable 17 rows ago? Knitting senseis can show you how to fix the mistake without ripping it back. Knitting senseis never wonder whether a knitted project would be too difficult for them. If they haven’t done it, it’s because they choose not to. Knitting senseis know all, see all and fear nothing. If they weren’t so damned helpful, you would hate them. You’ll recognize a sensei by their confident knitting style, the stacks of complex patterns, and stashes that rival the gross national product of a small country. :x:

THE SCIENTIST: Knitting scientists are identified by the stuff in their knitting bags: a caculator, graph paper and a palm pilot with spreadsheet detailing their stash. Never caught unready, knitting scientists swatch religiously, calculate gauge to the quarter stitch, and plot decreases according to a rate of slope that they have personalized for their own body type. Mortified to turn out a sweater with a wonky neckline, scientists place more focus on the technical aspects of knitting. They tend to be methodical stashers, usually buying yarn with a project in mind. This does nothing to limit the size of their stash but it does organize it somewhat. Knitting scientists are likely the only knitters who can put their hands on a tape measure in less than five minutes. xxx

ORGANIC KNITTER: Organic knitters are all about the process. Utterly relaxed about gauge and swatching, organics knit happily along, unconcerned and (mostly) uncaring about the outcome of a project. Organics are all about the yarn, the feel and the act of knitting and embrace the full yarn family of activities. Occasionally organics are known as the “multi crafter” moving surely among weaving, crochet and knitting and often combining several approaches. Organics can be identified with certainty when you overhear the phrase “No, I didn’t swatch - it will fit somebody”. Another characteristic is their longing to so fully embrace knitting that they have earnest discussions about how to get a flock of sheep into an urban townhouse backyard. :??

THE PRETENDER: These knitters are barely knitters, having been granted “knitter” status only by the virtue of their affection for the craft and the way they keep turning up. Pretenders buy lots of yarn and lots of patterns, and show up at all the conferences and knitting meetups, but - inexplicably - don’t seem to knit at all. Pretenders can be outed by careful observation. Have they been knitting the same blue garter stitch scarf for six and a half years with no discernible progress? Pretenders (or knit supporters) are somehow immune to the charms of knitting, but have fallen head over heels for their community of knitters. :grphug:

If you meet another knitter who’s exactly your type, always try to get to the yarn shop ahead of her. She’s your fiercest competition. :nails:

There’s one missing.

The Newbie Knitter: Really enjoys knitting, doesn’t have the slightest idea what he/she is doing, but plods ahead regardless.

That would be me. :rofl:

I’m fearless, but inexperienced, and I don’t swatch. So I’m an organsei? :rofl:

lol i am totally organic!

I’m definitely a Missionary knitter. I’ve given away quite a few skeins of yarn, pairs of needles and books to friends who express a serious interest in learning. :teehee:

That’s me, too. :??

Missionary here. :thumbsup:

I’m none of that. I love knitting, and prefer difficult patterns (sensei), but I don’t know everything and I don’t alway carry needles and yarn with me.

I do use my calculator sometimes when I’m changing a pattern and I do swatch, (scientist) but never the whole fabric, just to know for sure it is the correct width. (I don’t care about length, that’s what my tape mesure is for)

So I guess I’m a sciensei

i think i’m mostly an organic knitter with a large dose of missionary (i’m a total pusher! :happydance:). and maybe a bit of the scientist mixed in (i keep VERY detailed spreadsheets of my yarn stash, needles, and projects).

I would really like to be a Scientist, and have some Scientific attributes (e.g. I am a scientist in real life, but more importantly, I know exactly where each of my two tape measures is right now, less than ten metres away from me). However, I think I am actually a Sensei, not because I have used every method myself, but I like to read about knitting techniques online, read many tutorials, and can describe what seems to be the recommended techniques/s for certain applications.
I have managed to resist my missionary inclinations completely (snigger, especially with regard to the word ‘inclinations’).
Although, after I showed all my work to my mother (an ex-knitter), she took it up again to begin a scarfy-stoley item which she didn’t finish. But I swear I wasn’t enabling or facilitating it. Really.

I’m mostly an Organic knitter, but hanging around here has caused me to actually swatch the last three project’s I’ve knitted/knitting.

Missionary! :smiley:

the OCD knitter.
I will start it, take it apart, swatch it, start knitting it again, stop, frog it and wash the yarn, sit there and look at it, go knit something else, come back, twitch a little, stuff it in the corner under all the other unraveled yarn, take it out the next day with a whole new life for it, etc. etc.

the OCD knitter.
I will start it, take it apart, swatch it, start knitting it again, stop, frog it and wash the yarn, sit there and look at it, go knit something else, come back, twitch a little, stuff it in the corner under all the other unraveled yarn, take it out the next day with a whole new life for it, etc. etc.

ROFLMAO Hey! I resemble that remark with some yarns! :happydance: I think mostly I’m organic though. I do enjoy reading knitting books and learning new skills (tutorials) and will skim through my source book practicing different patterns, but mostly I just knit along… Hey it WILL fit someone… right? :??

Another organic knitter here! Definitely got some missionary in there, as well, though. :teehee:

These descriptions are VERY accurate! I’m IMPRESSED! According to this, I’m a scientist with a lot of organic thrown in. That is also true in my “real” life. (Naturopath/Nutritionist = A organic scientist)

Toyota Mz Engine

Scientist. I’m such a nerd.

Organic… yep, that’s me.

I can’t do a swatch to save my life, but the stuff always seems to fit! lol I just kind of look as I’m casting on and it looks okay, so I keep going. :slight_smile: Plus I love to try new yarn, but I’ve got my special favourites. :wink:

definitely organic!

I’m an organic missionary–but more missionary than organic :teehee: