What to use for sewing a patchwork afghan?

I have a ton of yarn left over from some Christmas present projects and it’s enough for me to make a ton of 6x6 patches. I think it’ll yield enough to make an afghan big enough for my son’s toddler bed.

Anyway, it’s a modgepodge of colors: blues, pinks, purples, greens, yellow, orange, etc. What color yarn should I use to sew them all together when I’m done with the patches? Does it matter?

I don’t think it really matters. What I would personally do is crochet a small border on each square to make them all evenly sized, and to make it easier to join {I tend to join-as-I-go in crochet}. I would do this in black or other suitable solid colour to bring it all together.

Eek! I don’t know how to crochet. :frowning: I was thinking of using white to sew together as there will be some white squares and white goes with everything. Do you think a matress stitch seam (or whatever it’s called lol) will look ok?

Mattress stitch makes a lovely seam on one side, but a ridge on the other. For this type of thing, I’d probably use an edge-to-edge seam. What you could do is use two strands–one color from each square. :thinking:

I crocheted for about 15 years before I picked up knitting, so I tend to go back to what I know best! :wink: If you are using the mattress stitch, one side will have seams, and the other side will have the seam allowances… so it will be ridged. If that’s the look that you want, I say go for it! And if white goes with it all, go with that too! Since it’s your blanket, you need to do what you can live with! :smiley:

Ahh! That would work perfectly. TY everyone! :heart: