What to start next!

I think I need to make an excel spreadsheet (remember, I AM ANAL, I AM an accountant!)

I have so many things I want to start:

4-5 skeins of cotton for washclothes and a boatload of patterns

Easy capelet - I have 3 different yarns (one for me, one for mom and one for son’s girlfrend)

Shrug for me

4 different scarf yarns for various and sundry

Felted wallet-yarn in hand

Booga bag - yarn on order

Shapely tank…yarn not yet acquired

Socks…yarn not yet acquired

how about you guys??? I am on my way out the door, will try to come back and post pictures…

I don’t have mine on excel…but I am in Desperate :!: need to update my project list. And I just decided that I need a list for my books; but…I’ve not had the time to update bc if I’m not working on my project (that has a deadline :oops: )… :blush: I’m killing time on the computer. So, rather than update my project list (which has the yarn on it as well, u know, that goes with the projects) and quickly typing up my library…change the word ‘quickly’ bc I would want to categorize & alphabetize the books OR work on my PROJECT of which I really should be doing…I’m chatting :smiley: ; that would be bc I’m quite the talker/typer or keyboarder, whatever the correct term is these days.
All in all, kitkat…I feel your pain…lol!!

Shrug for me sounds good, long as its for me…not you. :slight_smile: :roflhard: