What to put in space using charts

I am making a toddlers sweater and I’m putting in color work around the yoke this uses charts I can read charts but on this one there are boxes that have a X in them. In the legend it says No Stitch. Do I skip that space or put a stitch there? I’m confused.
I provided 2 pictures.

A “no stitch” box is used to keep the chart’s rectangular shape. There are either increases to follow or there have been preceding decreases. As you wrote, skip over the no stitch box and go on to the next chart box.

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Would I just slip st those stitches ? The first 2 stitches are squares that are labeled no stitch.
Thank you

Don’t slip any stitches. Go to the operation (k, p, k2tog, whatever) in the 3rd box and work that to begin the row. Skip or ignore those pesky no stitch boxes.
If you count the sts on your needle and count the sts needed to work the row, you’ll see that those no stitch boxes don’t correspond to actual loops on the needle.
What is the name of your pattern?

Vehmas. It’s a new pattern that is being tested.

I look forward to seeing it. Are you test knitting it?
If you think it would help, you can post an edited photo of the chart row in question. Just block off the rest of the pattern please due to designer copyright.

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