What to make?

There is an elderly lady down the road who my friend is going to introduce me to, and because her birthday is tomorrow, I wanted to make her a little something. But I am completely lost as to what? I don’t know what her hobbies are so I am stuck there. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

If you want something by tomorrow, I think[I] little[/I] is important. Maybe a square that she could use as a face cloth? Something with a nice pattern that wouldn’t take too long…

I apparently missed this post! What did you end up making?

Nothing. :teehee:
I ended up making her a loaf of bread instead. :slight_smile:
I had tried a pair of slippers because I didn’t have the right type of yarn for a cloth, face or dish, but decided against it because I didn’t want her to slip and fall since they turned out really slick.
I did learn two things though, how to make slippers (might find something non-skid to sew to the bottom) and to make a cute flower, as an accent.
Wow, I’ve been gone for a while! It’s amazing how much there is to catch up on here.
I’ve just been :knitting:

I used a spray on my slippers and it worked great. I also have another link to a different type, but these are on my computer. I’m on my iPad. Next time I go in there I’ll find and post them.

Oh and mmmm love fresh bread! That’s a nice gift!

Okay here we go…

I used this one on my felted clogs. It worked well. Info says it’s washable which would be great on knitted slippers. My DH put this on, but if I do it again I’ll make a pattern to hold on them. Just to make it prettier. It dries clear though.

I haven’t tried these, but they look cool. It says they are washable, too.

I like the idea of the loaf of bread, too. Perfect and very traditional first gift when visiting a new home.

Wow, I like both of those! I definitely going to have to try them. Thanks so much!
I would be horrified to think of someone slipping and getting hurt while wearing my slippers. :help:

Oh, yes, I wanted to make a pie because we had so many apples, but my friend had already made her a cake; I didn’t know if she could eat it all so I decided to give her something a little different. :slight_smile: