What to make with Red Heart Sport?

I inherited a bunch of yarn from a friend who had to stop crocheting. I have a bunch of Red Heart Wintuk Sport Yarn – 2 ply, 100% orlon acrylic fiber. And I have no idea what to make with it.

I have four skeins of it: Baby pink. A tealish blue. And two royal blues.

I’ve looked at a couple of patterns involving this yarn, and I’m not thrilled with them. After the hat I made, I was looking for something like a simple blanket or a scarf to try, but I don’t know how this yarn will hold up for that. Any suggestions?

I have some and it seems to be nearly as thick as worsted so you could use a pattern that’s for worsted or dk and it should work ** . This type of yarn will ‘hold up’ for years and years, so don’t worry about that aspect.

** [I]if[/I] it’s the same RH Sport that I have…

any time I have a washable yarn, I think, “grandkids!” (or kids, or friends’ kids, etc)

This summer I knitted some bags of things to take to the shelter here and got some of the Red Heart sport yarn. I made a couple of simple neck warmers with it.

I have made baby/child sweaters out of this type of yarn. It is a workhorse yarn, not the softest around, but not bad and will hold up to a lot of use.

This is made out of that yarn.