What to make with Malabrigo?

I was generously gifted a skein and a half of mmmmmalabrigo and have no idea what to make. I’ve never used it before so any ideas would be awesome. :slight_smile: Thanks!!

I think this looks great in Malabrigo


I really like this one too! It looks great with the color variations of Mmmmalabrigo.


i instantly thought “scarf!”

It’s useless, just send it to me.


The question is what’s not to make:teehee:

I was thinking the same thing! :thumbsup:

:roflhard: You are too funny people! I think a scarf may be my answer. :slight_smile: Thanks for the help!

Dashing & Fetching are beautiful in Malabrigo, and that amount would be just about right.


I made 2 hats out of one skein with a tad left over.

Right now working on that Anthropologie inspired capelet and it looks like 1 will do it, though JUST.