What to make with Malabrigo?

I found some on ebay, but I want to have a pattern in mind.

Also I would like a suggestion to buy the Wick yarn and the 2nd Time Cotton by Knit One, Crochet Too.

I’m doing the Short short snort for my DD and Katja for my neice who is due to join us this week.

how about this for the malabrigo?

Im going to make myself a Malabrigo shrug to keep in my office… Im fairly sure Im making Streakers from Spring 2006 Interweave Knits, but I have not yet completed my research… :lol:

Let’s see…Mmmmmmmmalabrigo…I’ve made a slew of diaper soakers, hats, mittens. a sweater, and a Lucy bag. :smiley: It’s so soft, you can use it for next-to-skin things that you wouldn’t use other wool for.

I am planning on making either a malabrigo shrug or hoodie. (A shrug would probably be more affordable.) Streakers would be a good one :thumbsup:

As for what to knit with Mmmmalabrigo. I would say ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I am using this yarn for the first time and I just might not knit with anything else! Yummy!

Ok Kelly, what did I miss… what research are you doing? I love Streakers and I have some handpainted yarn, similar to Malabrigo and I was thinking of making it… not sure though.

I know what you should make!!!

Roll it all up into pretty colored balls
Get some plastic wrap
Wrap it allllll up nice and tight
Put it in a box
Tie it with a ribbon.

Know what it is?

a suprise package for HILDIE!!! :cheering:

[size=2](i’ll pm you my address :wink: )[/size]