What to knit?

A friend is cleaning out and apparently went through a knitting phase where she bought A LOT of yarn. She has sent me a box of Classic Elite Cotton/Alpaca. It feels wonderful and is lovely colors, but what do I knit with this?

I looked on Classiceliteyarns.com and found lots of adorable things, but this caught my eye. http://www.classiceliteyarns.com/pdf/MiracleDropStCard.pdf

But it’s 50/50 alpaca/tencel…what exactly is tencel?

Tencel is considered to be a “sub-category” of rayon. Technically a cellulose fiber, but it is man-made at the same time.

How much of this yarn do you have, and what weight is it? I think a sweater would be delightful if there’s enough of it. Alpaca is sooooo soft.

Alternately a shawl or shrug would also be lovely.

:doh: It never occurred to me to look the yarn up on line for specific patterns…
Each little hank is approx 140yds and guage is for size 5 needles
Looks like I have 7 blue (980 yds), 1 brown, 1 grey, and 13 green (1820)
I would love to make a shrug or belero jacket. I would like something simple to make to send back to the person who send me this wonderful suprise too. She seems to like scarfs maybe I could find a lacy scarf pattern to make for her.