What to knit for a mechanic?

After picking up my car yet again from my mechanic I thought it would be nice to knit something for the husband and wife who own the repair shop. They are so good to us since our cars are in there all the time.

I thought some type of tool or car would be fun to knit but I have never seen any patterns for them. Maybe something with their shop name on it, but what?

If nothing can be found then I thought maybe something for their DD who is college age and recovering from cancer.

Any suggestions?

Guys are soo hard to knit for. I would think either a beanie or some sox would be good.:think:

If their shop isn’t heated, maybe fingerless gloves or mitts? I’ve seen mechanics wearing them before.

What about a steering wheel cover? Something that’s washable.
He can use it to cover the steering wheels of the cars he has to work on to prevent from getting them dirty.

Fuzzy dice? :shrug:

I’d go with the fingerless gloves or nice warm socks, or even a hat with ear flaps. My brother is a mechanic and he works outside like all the time, even in the freezing cold, and I know he gets really really cold out there…Well, this is assuming you live in an area where it does indeed get cold…lol

Well, we live in Florida so the cold is not a problem. Fuzzy dice might be a good idea. I’ll have to think some more on it. Ohhhh my head hurts from thinking…HeeHee.


Maybe washcloths? Mechanics get SO dirty, I’m sure they’d be handy. I bet you could find a nice, soft, dark cotton blend that wouldn’t really show grease, and do like an embossed car or something on them? That might be cute. The fuzzy dice would be adorable, too!