What to do?

So I decided to make a tube scarf and I CO too many. But stockinette on circs is so wonderfully mindless that I kept going. Now I think maybe it should be a hat, but have no idea who it will fit.

Any innovate ideas for a too wide scarf in the making?


How wide is ‘too wide’? Possibly a skirt for someone? Or a tank top? You could add shoulder straps…

Or sew the one end add straps and make a bag?

Or find someone with “an over sized novelty head” which is how my husband describes his. :inlove:

i actually would make a magic scarf out of it. basically you knit for until it is about 1/3 the length you want it to be and then start binding off. As you bind off though you drop every other stitch. Once you are done, you start pulling. it looks all cool and lacy. I always just close up the openings with a fringe.

The only problem i EVER have making this is that one end always looks looser than the other and I think it is because of all the pulling.