What to do?

Hi, I want to knit a cardigan but the pattern says “yarn is knit in double”. Does this just mean use two strands of yarn? Thanks for any help

Can you post a a link to the pattern?

According to the pattern yes that is exactly what you need to do…use two strands together.

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Yes, many patterns say to use the yarn doubled. That makes a thicker yarn, so your work is chunkier and works up faster. You CANNOT use a heavier weight yarn since that is too bulky and heavy. By using two yarns, they will lay side by side in the stitch, making it look wider (thicker). But there is not the bulk of a thick yarn, or the thickness of the fabric. So you get larger stitches without having all that extra weight from a thick yarn, The cardigan is not as heavy or as thick if you had used a thicker yarn – and less cost. All this is important!

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