What to do with yarns?

well it is that time of year again where I start contemplating what to knit. For starters after doing some autumn cleaning I came across a box or 2 maybe 3 of yarns. My first objective this season is to try & get rid of my old yarns, to do this I need some help or suggestions as what besides scarves & blankets I can knit not knowing the names of the yarns. So my suggestion box is ready to be filled so please feel free to participate in helping me attain my objective.

Would love to help, but you really haven’t given us much to go on. Without knowing how much you have, what weight & guage it is, even your skill level, it’s kinda hard to make suggestions.

What Marilyn said. :slight_smile: Even if you don’t have the ball bands anymore, give us [I]something[/I] to go on, and you’ll get plenty of suggestions and opinions!

There are patterns for scap afghans (knit or crochet), which is one way to go. I keep my house pretty cold in the winter, and so I have lots of afghans around - the scrap afghans are very cheery and colorful.

There are also a bunch of books of patterns for 1 skein of this or that - I find those are great resources when I find I have 1 skein of something left. These also tend to make great presents. You can do scarves, bags, mittens, wrist warmers, vests, etc.

If you belong to Ravelry, you can also search for patterns by what kind of yarn you have (e.g., 500 yards of worsted weight yarn). I’ve had some luck using that tool, too. You can determine the weight of the yarn by counting how may wraps of the yarn, one strand right next to the next in a single layer, it takes to get to an inch (this is called the Wraps Per Inch or WPI).

I hope that helps!

HMMM - I am using up old yarn making pumkpins of various sized for fall decorating.
Depending on the responses to my post about fingerless mitts I will be making fingerless mitts for Christmas gifts.
There is always the option to make baby hats and booties to give to a hosp, kitty/dog blankets to the SPCA…