What to do with very personal, unfinished projects

so, my aunt sherry passed last saturday, march 28th. she’d been in ill-health for many years, since surviving a major cancer issue over 25 years ago. in december she was diagnosed with both advanced kidney failure requiring dialysis, and cholangiocarcinoma, a relatively rare liver cancer most commonly caught in advanced, untreatable stages. there’s of course so much back-story and drama with family that it’s best just to keep mum on it here. thankfully my mom and i, and later her younger brother, were able to be in seattle with sherry, as well as other family members. 5 of us were with her at her actual passing in a hospice facility, just days after another 3-week hospital stay for extra treatment due to both the ravages of the diseases in their advanced stages, and very poor treatment at a convalescent facility.

i had been knitting sherry a special blanket in mardis gras colors, one of her favorite combinations. after frogging the spiral version that just didn’t work out well, i started a garter stitch version. and didn’t get very far before the 2nd hospitalization, although she did get to see the start of it and loved the colors and the yarn’s softness. but now that she’s passed, i don’t know what to do with it.

so i’m curious what others have done, when you started a very personal project and weren’t able to finish it for the recipient. i imagine there are others in my shoes with convalescent/hospice items. or those who’ve started baby items and then there were complications. what did you do in that case - finish and donate it? finish and keep as a memento? frog the yarn and repurpose? something else entirely? i don’t need to do anything with this project soon - it can sit and i can quietly contemplate it as needed - but i know it has a next step at some time. i just don’t know what it is…

I’m sorry for your loss, X. I’ve never been in this particular situation but the idea of donating the item to a hospice or facility appeals to me. Since you suggested it yourself, perhaps it also makes sense to you, the idea that someone else might take pleasure and comfort in the blanket.
Letting it sit until the right solution occurs to you is a good idea, too.

I’ve never been in that situation either, but donating to a hospice was my thought, too.

Sorry for your loss!

It’s good that she got to see it. I’d probably donate it, but you might also finish it and keep it to remember her.

I have UFO that will at some point become a WIP again. Different situation. The yarn came from someone else and was started before she died. I wanted her to see it was being used. I will finish it, keep it, treasure it. I had yarn for someone an afghan, didn’t get it made before he died, used the yarn a few years later to make something for his widow. She was touched and loved the pieces I made for her.

I don’t know what you should do. Sorry, I’m no help.

nope, you are a big help. so are salmonmac, jan and becky. there’s no wrong or right answers here, i’m just curious what others have done while i contemplate what i should do.