What to do with "ugly" yarn

Ugly Duckling Socks

It’s a sock pattern but the idea should work with any yarn…I’m thinking of RHSS Blacklight right now…

i like this idea, so i’ve saved the pdf in my ‘coming up soon’ folder… but, i’m concerned about slipping the same stitches twice. is that a ‘rarely used but still standard’ practice?

also there’s the whole issue of converting it from cuff-down to toe-up.

and swatching, to figure out how her “women’s medium” translates… :wink:

It works, honest. I haven’t made these socks, but have used a similar pattern many times. The slipped stitches are what give the thick, cushy texture to the whole thing. You can do a similar pattern in regular stranded colorwork, but it isn’t as puffy and you have floats to deal with.

I was thinking most any yarn confined into squares like that would have a very different look and the colors would take on a whole different appeal.

I don’t think those are ugly at all!

I have yarns that look lovely until I try to work them up and then I don’t like them much at all. I thought this looked like a way to enjoy them more.

It looks to be a 4 st. repeat. Toe up, knit to fit, if needed you can adjust st count to a mulitple of 4 and work the pattern. Many slip stitch mosaic patterns could be used on a sock. I like this one because it’s simple and frames squares of the colors. Don’t go making it hard!

I found a couple of links to pique your interest.

Slip in Some Color @ knitty.com

BTW my bag I blame on you is mosaic knitting for the front panel.

Introduction to Mosaic Knitting – Part 1