What To Do With This Yarn? Need Pattern Suggestions


Yesterday, I was at the Wisconsin State Fair and I ended up picking up some yarn. A few of the alpaca exhibitors also spin and dye their own yarn and were selling it at the fair. It was the color that caught my attention and screamed out, “Buy Me!”. So I bought one skein of this wonderfully soft, 100% hand spun, hand dyed alpaca (that’s all I could afford).

Now I’m wondering what I should do with it that would do the colors justice. (My picture doesn’t do the color justice).

I think it’s DK weight, but I would have to swatch it for sure. The label didn’t give a size. There’s approximately 330 yards in the skein. Does anyone have suggestions for patterns that would do this yarn justice?


It’s beautiful! I bet it would make an wonderfully warm hat and scarf!

Yes, a hat or scarf or a shawl. Perhaps a bag - but a well designed lined evening type bag? - if those ideas don’t suit. Depending on your size you might get a sleeveless nice top out of it but I’d tend to do a hat and scarf with a nice pattern.

i would definitely suggest a hat. i have some yarn in a similar colorway and i knit a hat out of it. for the longest time i just wanted to stare at it because the way the colors knit together was amazing!

I think a scarf would be nice. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your suggestions. :slight_smile: My DH tells me that the yarn will tell me what it wants to become. I think the yarn is agreeing with all of you so far. :slight_smile: