What to do with this yarn? (Ed. to add other yarns and pics)

I have a lovely ball of chunky baby alpaca in a soft, yummy cadet-ish blue. I’m thinking perhaps a thin scarf ('cause it wouldn’t need to be particularly thick, being alpaca, would it?) or maybe a hat, but I’m open to any other suggestions or patter suggestions for any of the above. Like I said, it’s chunky weight and there are only about 108 yds. I can pick up some more this weekend, though, if I find something I truly love. So . . . suggestions anyone?

Have I mentioned (like in the last minute or two) how much I love this forum? You guys rock.

I also have two balls of earthy toned hand dyed yarn and two balls of nubbly hand dyed in a colorway named after me! I’m uploading pics 'cause there’s not a good way to describe them.

Edited to add pictures.