What to do with the tail in LT cast-on?

What are you supposed to do with the tail in a Long Tail cast-on? I knitted with it in the first row. Should I weave it in (if so, how?) or cut it off? It’s kind of in the way.

It won’t hurt anything to knit it in although it can leave a thicker area. I suggest you don’t knit it in. If it’s left hanging it lets you know where the start of the row is in circular knitting and in flat it can tell you which side is the right side (or wrong side). Just weave it in when you’re done. If it’s too long you can trim it to about 6 inches or so.

Can you point me to a video or written explanation of exactly how to weave in a tail? I’m only on my second project ever after knitting a scarf more than 5 years ago. I need it spelled out like I’m 6.

Here’s a website (I Googled “weave in a tail knitting” and came up with several pages) that has a good explanation–though it’s not a video.

Here’s another.