What to do with that last loop

I’ve been teaching myself how to knit (well, re-teach, but it’s been years since mom taught me, so… ya) cause I prefer to do that than write essays that are due in a couple days. Please don’t hate when I don’t use proper lingo.

Basically I’ve been practicing the different beginner techniques that are on this website before I actually try a real project. I’ve practiced casting off, but for the life of me I have no idea what I’m suppose to do with that last bit that’s on my needle.

Is there something I"m suppose to do with it so what ever I’ve just made doesn’t unwind?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Cut the yarn a few inches from the loop, pull it through and thread the end in through the nearby stitches.

Awesome!!! =D Thanks!!

I just tried a neat trick to avoid that pointy end when pulling through the last loop. It’s from the Vogue Knitting book and goes like this: Bind off until one stitch remains on left needle. Slip this stitch purlwise to right needle. There are now 2 stitches on right needle. With the left needle, pick up the left loop of the row below the slipped stitch. Return the slipped stitch to the left needle & knit the picked-up loop and the slipped stitch together. Bind off the last stitch on the right needle and pull the yarn through the last loop. Works great!

Great tip, Tinker! Thanks!!!