what to do with stitches left on holders

I have a style craft pattern 8936 boys to men hooded jumper. On the front, back and sleeves the pattern says leave stitches on holder but no instructions of what to do with them in the ‘To make up’ section.
The only instruction is Join raglan seams the how to sew the hood in place. Hopefully someone will be able to help me as this is a Christmas present for my grandson.
Thank you

Is it possible there are instructions prior to the “to make up” section?
Possibly something about picking up those stitches when working the hood? Have you had a carful read through of all the remaining pattern?

I don’t see any notes about this bit of missing information on ravelry, and the best solution here would be if you’ve accidentally overlooked the instruction - if not though I’m sure someone here will be able to help further.
Have you finished knitting front, back and sleeves?
Have you started the hood?

I’m sure you will be able to get enough help to finish up this sweater for your grandson.

Welcome to KH!
Often the stitches left on holders for the front, back and sleeves are used to knit the hood from the shoulders up to the top of the head. Take a look at the instructions for the hood (you may have already done this) and see if the held sts are mentioned there.
If not, then you could bind off those held sts and attach the hood according to the pattern instructions.

thank you for taking the time to reply. The hood is done in one piece, having to cast on all the stitches by thumb method. Apart from the front the last instruction is to leave stitches on a holder. The front is leaving the stitches on a holder after working on just the first 7 stitches, then working on last 8 stitches. but apart from the instruction to leave them on a holder no further instruction is mentioned.

I don’t have any instruction on picking up stitches whilst doing then hood, it is done in one piece after casting on the stitches by the thumb method.
Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Unfortunately the pattern link is broken. From the Ravelry projects, it looks like the hood was seamed to bound off stitches. That would make a more stable attachment than picking up stitches and knitting the hood. Can you bind off these sections or even bind off across the sleeves and back as one bind off if you already have the raglan seams joined? Then seam the hood in place.

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I think that is what I will have to do. Would you also do that at the front? but at either end of the front i worked on eight stitches for 5 rows.

Bind off any held stitches that you have on the front. The hood seam will go along the formerly held front sts, up the front shoulder slope (this looks to be fairly short), over the sleeve, the back, the second sleeve, down the front shoulder slope and along the formerly held front sts. I’m assuming that the ribbing is already on the front of the hood so that the hood itself is complete.

The hood is complete. Thank you for your help.

I’m glad to see you have a plan. Thanks to salmonmac.

The 8 stitches you worked for 5 rows on each end of the front could just be the neck shaping, ie the top of the raglan shaping up at the shoulder height, leaving a few rows lower middle front for neck shape.

It seems odd that no one on ravelry has noted the lack of instruction on this pattern. I hope you manage to finish it up now.

Hi and welcome. I’m curious, how does it say to attach the hood?

Join raglan seams. Placing front edges of hood at centre of front neck sew hood into position. Join side and sleeve seams. Pin out hoodie to measurement given. Cover with clean, damp tea towels a and leave until dry.

the above are the make up instructions

Thanks. I was wondering if perhaps there was a three needle bind off to join live stitches involved. Nope. Ignore me now.