What to do with Sticky Circular Needles?

First I would like to say HELLO to everyone here. I remember joining this site many, many moons ago and it was my favorite online community. I have an issue (that I will get to in a moment) and the first thing that pop into my head was to post on KH.

I am happy to be back. :muah:

So… Here is my question :

Going though my needles to find the right one, I realize there are a few circular needles that with the plastic part that joins them, it has become very sticky. Like, unbearably, gross sticky.

I realize that this might be a sign of lower quality needles. But I was wondering if anyone one knows a way to remove that stickiness on the plastic? Vinegar? Rubbing Alcohol? Dance a jig?

Any input from someone who has experienced this is appreciated.

Thanks folks!

Hi fancy pants and welcome back!
I have to admit I haven’t seen this with older plastic needles but I would start with warm soapy water. Maybe a soak would help. Then go to alcohol or a cleaner like 409 or Fantastic in case it’s grease.
Does it look like something is on the needles or it’s the needle material itself that’s deteriorated?

Goo gone is good stuff too!

Hey there salmonmac and meganb1977… Thank you for your input!

I tried warm soapy water and it worked like a charm.

[B]What did I learn from this?[/B] Don’t leave your circulars out of the case for months unless you want them to get weirdly sticky.

Be well!

Glad the simplest solution worked out for you!

Dancing naked in the light of the full moon, while waving the needles in the air, and chanting:

knit one
purl two
knit one purl two

and then sacrificing the sticky ones by heaving them off a cliff into the sea at high tide.

then, celebrate by going to your nearest yarn shop, and buying fresh replacements.


just do what you ended up doing.

not nearly as exciting though, and less chance of being arrested and spending a night in jail.

Ummm… How awesome are you???

While luckily there was no need to sacrifice them to the sea, I would be happy to dance in the moonlight with you waving needles (watch out for the eyes!) and chanting. Let’s do it!

snork. wonder if any others here would join us?

the closest I get to dancing naked in the moonlight with knitting needles is coming home on the bus after midnight, with some sort of knitting project in hand.
My life used to be more interesting.

Count me in. Will it be ok if I bring circular needles?

anything with pointy sticks will be more than welcome!

I’m also going to build a sacrificial bonfire, and throw my %#)^^ green sweater on top of it. Maybe add a rubber chicken to the mix, just for good measure.

Sounds like a party!

Ok… let me have it. What’s the story behind the green sweater?


if you do a search, you’ll probably find all my @#$^%^ green sweater threads and posts.

It’s endless, its driving me crazy, and I’m determined to get that blasted thing done and move on to better things.