What to do with silk?

What would you make with 100% silk yarn in a DK weight?

I know I can make ANYTHING I want, but I have never worn silk so I don’t know how warm it is. I ALWAYS run hot, so much so that I never wear anything heavier than a windbreaker or jean jacket outside in the winter-even when its snowing. I wear short sleeves all year round.

So I have found a lovely silk yarn… and I haven’t bought it yet because how much I need to get will be determined by what I want to make.

I’d appreciate any ideas… what would you do with silk?

How about a Coachella for you? That is, if you’re not sick of it already.

I don’t think Coachella would be the right choice for a garment for myself. It would reveal all the wrong things in all the wrong places!
I have the figure of a goddess. Unfortunately for me its the Venus of Willendorf!!!

Another Venus Goddess checking in :slight_smile: Haver you looked at Emerald Seas? It’s the one I’ve been eyeing and I think that I can increase it easily enough for my full goddessness. It would be lovely in silk!

Silk is pretty warm, but it also makes lovely lace. How about a nice open lacy shawl or scarf? The openness of the lace would work against the warmness of the silk.

Hmmm thats an idea. I just really want this yarn, and can’t justify the cost without having something in mind to make with it. LOL

If you’re interested in a scarf, there’s the Montego Bay scarf


Also, Artyarns has some patterns using silk and the NO SHEEP FOR YOU book has some as well.