What to do with Selvage Stitch

I’ve worked on this project alreadyl…you know I couldn’t wait to begin. Now I’m not sure if I am working this correctly. Should I knit that selvage stitch, or slip it?

Thanks for any clarification!

You can either knit it, or slip it at the beginning of a row and knit it at the end.

Thanks for the quick help. Happy New Year.

there are several options.

[B]1[/B] knit it (this is best for seaming!)

[B]2[/B]-do a decorative selvage stitch (this is good for unfinished edges (as might be found on buttonband edge, or on scarves/shawls)

slip [/B]first (or last) [B]is one option.[/B]
there are choices besides the slip stitch selvage!
other options…[/B]
[B]garter[/B] (1 or 2 stitches.) this is still found on “german type heel
flaps! but it can also be used on fine (fingering weight) knit sweaters --where you might want a 2 stitch (not a single stitch) 'seam allowance” (seam allowances don’t enhance thicker knits… and you never find them on worsted weight knitting)

[B]YO, K2tog [/B]is an other (under utilized) selvage stitch, and is quite attractive on scarves.

and there are others (more complex!) and simpler…