What to do with my wool scarf?

hey guys I bought this nice yarn from the store, and it felt great, but as i’m knitting it, and it’s becoming more compact it’s getting Hard and harsher on the skin. I really wanted to make this for my friend, but I didn’t expect it to be this rough =(

any ideas to soften the material up?

Is it made of wool? If so, try soaking it in water with hair conditioner. If not, try washing it with fabric softener.

yup its made with pervian wool, and i’ll try the hair conditionier method

What size needles are you using? Smaller ones make a more dense fabric, larger ones more open and softer.


i was thinking you might want to look at your gauge too. I read somewhere once that if your fabric isn’t as soft as it felt on the skein it is probably because you are knitting too tight. Whether that tightness is based on using needles too small for the yarn gauge or just knitting too tightly.

using size 7 the standard for scarf needles i’m still a beginner shrugs

Do you have any other size needles? It might feel looser and softer if done on 8s or 9s. Are you using a worsted weight yarn?

nope my other needles are smaller for socks and mittens, do you suggest I just knit looser? I’m a pretty tight knitter