What to do with earflaps from this pattern?

Will someone look at this pattern http://members.aol.com/gifts95/ski.htm and explain what to do once I have knitted one earflap? Do I bind off and then cut the yarn and knit another? Or was I supposed to have two skeins of yarn and leave them attached to the yarn?

What I’m getting is that you leave the first earflap on the needle. You can cut the yarn and make another, leaving that one on the needle. When you start on the hat, you will knit the earflaps on as you cast on the first row of the hat.

Ingrid…Do I bind off the first earflap? (Not that I actually know how to do
that yet)…

No, don’t bind it off. Just leave it on a needle or stitch holder. When you cast on for the rest of the hat, you are going to cast on a certain number of stitches, knit the stiches from the ear flap, cast on some more, knit the stitches of the second ear flap. This way they’ll be connected to the hat without any kind of seam.

Hi again Ingrid
Do I cut the yarn and leave a long string for each earflap? How does it all just not unravel? I am just using the one ball of yarn, right? So I must have to cut the yarn so I can go on to the next earflap. It does indicate that I will end up with two separate earflaps on two separate dpns, but I still don’t get how it stays on the needle once I cut it or how it gets incorporated into the hat itself! Can you tell that I don’t know what I am doing???

I answered your other post too, since I’m familiar with the pattern now.

If you knit something and just cut the yarn, and leave the knitted object on the needle, it won’t unravel. In this case, you’re going to knit into the earflap stitches that are on the needle. You will have a string hanging from where you cut the yarn, but that can be woven into the back of the hat later. Nothing will unravel.