What to do with dangling ends on baby blanket

I’m making a striped baby blanket with Mission Falls cotton yarn that calls for the yarn to just be ‘broken’ at the end of each row. Instead of weaving in the ends, eventually they will be braided to form a fringe. But what do I do with all these ends in the meanwhile? Do I just keep winding them together? Is there some kind of magic knitting device I don’t know about that holds them? Eventually there will be quite a lot of them. Thanks!!

I don’t know of any magic knitting device to hold them, but if they’re getting in your way, maybe you could braid them as you go along.

i am just joining today. trying to learn more about casting on cirlcular needles. they seem tough to get even and not too tight. i started in october and i have three super long scarves and one “okay since it was my first time” hat for my father in law who is a super good sport. as is my sister who now has a scarf for those super chily ALABAMA winters (!?). melindabny