What to do with cotton yarn

So my boyfriend took me to hobby lobby the other day and told me to pick out some yarn, and I grabbed two balls of their I Love Cotton in this beautiful swirly green and now I have no idea what to do with it! I’m not a fan of dishcloths but that seems to be all I can find. Can anyone direct me to some patterns that aren’t dishcloths?

With only two skeins you’re really very limited, but what about a hat or long narrow scarf? That would be plenty for them.

I just bought the same yarn today (in a different color). It’s too soft for dishcloths anyway! I am planning on making baby booties with it and possibly a matching hat.

You can knit pretty much anything, really, the only limit you have is your yardage.

I am allergic to wool so I tend to only knit with cotton /cotton blends. (though I love bamboo, and silk too) I do occasionally knit with wool when I find a colour and texture I just GOTTA have. But boy do I suffer over it. haha.

Dishcloths are actually a pretty fun knit, (and very useful) but don’t let cotton limit you to that! You could make a thin, lacy spring/fall scarf for instance.