What to do with an injured elbow?

I hurt my elbow a few days back, and it hurts too much to knit. I had made myself a promise to finish some socks during reading week and now I can’t! I am running out of knitting-related things that I can do.
So far, I have:
[ul]Inventoried my stash
Wound everything in the stash that was 'messy’
Matched yarns to patterns for things I want to knit
Looked up new patterns online
Read some knitting humour books (Yay Yarn Harlot!)
Gone to the YLS, realized I had too much stuff at home, came home
Read a whole lot of these forums
Made a few swatches, but my elbow didn’t like that too much :!!!:[/ul]

I guess my question is, what do you do when you can’t knit? Is there a way you have to get your ‘fix’ when you can’t do much?

(PS Thank you for keeping me entertained by your wonderful posts!!!)

Maybe you could try designing your own pattern?

I hope your elbow feels better soon. I think if it were me, I would try to figure out a way to prop up the needles so I could knit. :teehee:

Look here, is this what you have?


If so, gentle stretching should help. If it doesn’t go away quickly with rest and gentle stretching, physical therapy can really help. I am not a big fan of cortisone for this as is tends to mask the symptoms and it can recur oncce the shot wears off.

Good luck!

Teach yourself to knit with your toes? :?? Hey, my best friend can peel a banana (don’t ask me how I know) with her toes, why not knitting?


Start (or work on if you have one) a knitting blog? I hope you mend quickly. :hug:

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself when I wrote the original post. Thanks for the kind words and thoughts! The doctor said it was probably a normal injury and not a repetitive strain type, so my knitting didn’t cause the problem :happydance:

lauraknits: According to the doctor, it’s the ‘other’ elbow muscle, he called it ‘golfers elbow’. The stretches do help (I can sleep if I do them before bed!) and I’ve just got started in the physiotherapy/physical therapy. I just have to be very cautious that I don’t do more damage.

KathyinCali: I do have a blog buried somewhere in the depths of the internet that I could revive. I’m jealous of people who can keep updating their blogs.

msoebel: Would that be English or Continental toe-knitting? :teehee: It’s actually an interesting idea… I’m sure that there are people out there who can do it!

auburnchick: I’ve never done that before (unless a k2p2 ribbed sock counts as my own pattern…). It’s actually a little scary! And I did try jamming one long needle between the couch cushions and knitting with my good arm, but that ended when the needle went to the ground and the loops stayed on the couch :doh: Good thing it was a swatch and not a sweater!