What to do with all this roving?

Total freecycle score this weekend - I got a huge garbage bag full of wool roving. :cheering: About half of it is undyed, half of it dyed some lovely purple / earthy hues.

I’ve never worked with roving before … what should I do with it? Are there patterns I could use? Should I finally learn to spin? :thinking:

I soooooo want to make thrummed mittens…and you need roving for that. Here is one example of a pattern:


There are many other patterns out there if you look. Thrummed mittens are super warm, so they would be a bad idea for anyone who lives where it isn’t bitter cold, but I think Ithaca is in NY, right?


Yeppers - plenty of bitter cold to go around here! :lol: Thrummed mittens are a good idea.

:thinking: You know that you could always mail them to Omaha. :roflhard:

Learn to spin I hear that it is fun!