What to do with all these beads?

I just finished a school project and i’ve got a lot of pretty leftover beads.

Are there many patterns that look good with beads in them?

How do you knit with beads anyway? do you just string them onto the yarn and knit? :shrug:

I’m not sure i can fit them onto the yarn anyway, the holes are so small they may only fit on sportweight (and they don’t even match the sportweight yarn i have :doh: )

well if you found a superfine wire to string through them you might be able to make stitch markers.

What about making stitch markers?

:cheering: You can use beads on anything… I really like the look… I’ve used them on a top for my little girl and a bag… I would take needle and thread and tie the thread onto the yarn if it was to thick for me to put them on by hand… just slide them down the thread and hold the join as you work the bead onto the yarn…

another way to do it is when you get to the st you want to have a bead on just put the loop on a crochet hook and pull a bead onto the loop… then place the loop back on your needle and knit like usual…


ohh, stich markers, thats a good idea! do u think sewing thread would work? :??

I’m not sure if i completely understand, but it sounds good! soo, i pick up the loop with the crochet hook, and pull the loop through the hole in the bead??

That’s how I do it too. It takes a little bit to get used to handling the beads and sometimes the yarn frays a bit but it looks great once it’s on. I made a couple of pairs of Fetchings and added beads and they looked very cute. Once you get the hang of it, you will want to add beads to everything!

You have to use a very small crochet hook – a size 9 or 10 works with seed beads. I slip my bead onto the crochet hook, catch the loop of the yarn with the hook and slip the bead off the crochet hook and onto the loop so the bead is at the base of the loop. Then I slip the loop back onto the needle and knit it off.

Hope this helps! If I get a moment – tomorrow will be hectic as all get up for me – I’ll try and post some pics


the only problem is, well, i think that will work with most of the beads (the regular kind that little girls sometimes wear in their hair), but all of the prettiest ones have holes that are too small to do that. :pout:

This is an awesome tutorial on that method of beaded knitting – great photos and it also has info on which sizes of beads you can use with which yarn (and which size crochet hook).

Beaded knitting tutorial

Great link, Julie, thanks for posting! That’s just how I do it!


If you don’t have a crochet hook small enough, you could use a piece of fishing line. That’s how I’d do it. It comes in very fine gauges, is stronger than sewing thread and is cheaper than small crochet hooks.

[color=blue]Here is a link I have used… :cheering: http://www.knitty.com/issuespring06/FEATseducedbybeads.html

anne [/color]

:happydance: that is how I do it too… I’m sorry I confused you… I’m not very good at giving instructions… I try to teach my mom things with knitting and her face is like :whoosh: I show her and she understands :rofl:

thanx 4 the links! :muah:

i do actually have an itsy bitsy 1.0mm crochet hook which i thought i would never use, btw. i’m so glad i have it! :cheering:

the seed beads fit, but pretty teeny tiny ones won’t fit cus the yarn’s too thick :frowning: . thats ok though, i’m just glad it was so easy

If you can get your hands on the book HandKnit Holidays, (at the library maybe?) there’s a pattern in there for beaded votive holders, using 24gauge wire and larger (size E or bigger–delicas wont’ work) beads. (it’s basically a garter stitch rectangle wrapped around a votive holder, you probablly ddon’t really need the book, just experiment)

you could knit them into an icord for a purse handle

Embellish felted clogs or bags

When knitting with beads, I use the “string them all on first” technique. If you do this, though, make sure that you put the yarn/wire/whatever into a bowl or shallow dish while you’re knitting, in case there’s extra beads (dont’ want to pick those up!!!)