What to do with a remaining st

Hi everyone, need help with a new pattern for me.
Here goes;
I’m knitting a round dishcloth
pattern calls for

CO 15 sts.
row1: k
row 2: k3,yo,k11 so 1 st remains
row3: k
row4: k3,yo,k11 so 2 st remains
row5: k
row6: k3,yo,k11 so 3 sts remains
row7: k
row8: Bo 3 sts to create the first scallop,k2,yo,k8 so 4 sts remain.
row9: k
row 10: k3,yo,k8 so 5 sts remain.
row11: k
row12:k3,yo,k8 so 6 sts remain.
row13: k
row 14: bo 3 sts,k2,yo,k5 so 7 sts remain.
row15: k
row 16: k3,yo,k5 so 8sts remain
row 17: k
row18: k3,yo, k5 so 9 sts remain.
row19: k
row 20: bo 3 sts k to end of row
2. repeat rows 1-20 until there are seven patterns.
3. bo. Using tapestry needle, draw up to center and sew.
I understand the pattern for the most part except when I am having so many sts remaining. What do I do with them? I love to knit, and learning a new pattern sometimes can be confusing especially on how they word things and dont explain what you do with the remaining sts. I know it says this pattern will teach you how to make a scallop edge along the perimeter of a round project. It also calls for size 8 straight needles, cant I use 8 cicular?
Any help would be most welcome. its early morning in NewJersey and I cant sleep, house is nice and quiet and I have this time to relax and knit. For those of you out there you know what this feels like, “me time” with no interruptions. lol

This looks like a fun project to work. Basically, you’re working short rows on the even rows. Just turn the work as you would if you were at the end of the row. The directions tell you how many sts to leave unworked on the left hand needle for each of these rows. Don’t worry about them; you’ll get to them later. In the end you bind off all sts and leave about a 10" tail to gather the bound off sts and sew the cloth up.
You can certainly use a circular to make this. Knit back and forth on it without joining to knit in the round.

Salmonmac -Thanks for getting back to me. So basically I leave the last stitch turn the needles so now their on the needle and knit as though that stitch isnt there? thanks, Its nice to communicate with people who get enjoyment out of knitting as I have. I found that knitting has helped me through a bad car accident that left me with a brain injury that causes speech problems and seizures. Knitting helps with keeping my brain focused and training myself to do repetative patterns helps. :knitting: :knitting: :knitting: thanks again

It’s wonderful to hear that knitting has been so helpful to you. Good for you! I’d love to see how this dishcloth turns out.

momlovestoknit, that’s great that knitting has helped you through the accident. I know my great grandma learned to knit when she had a stroke many many yrs ago, drs told her it would help get her hands working again & it sure did! She taught my grandma and me to knit! Knitting therapy now theres a fun and relaxing therapy!

Hi there momlovestoknit!!!

Just wanted to welcome a fellow NJ-ian to these forums!! I live in South Jersey. (between Trenton & Philadelphia)

Hope your project comes out OK!!!