What To Do With A Day Off?

I’ve got a while to think about this, but I’m going to take the day off of work for my birthday next month and it’s on a Friday, YEAH!!! Anyway, I’m going to try and convince DH to take off work, too, take DS to daycare and just have a day for us. The only problem is, I don’t know what we would do! Pretty sad, huh? I would love to go to this place call Patti’s 1880 Settlement in Kentucky, but that’s 2 hours away and if something would happen to DS while at daycare, it would take us quite a while to get back, so I don’t want to go out-of-town, but our town is pretty boring! I would like for DH and I to get to do something fun together like we did before we were parents and had responsibilities!!! What do you guys suggest or what have you done?

Why not try a special lunch restaurant you wouldn’t normally do… Or rent a movie and have a picnic lunch with your favorite foods.

Go to a special store you really want to go to. Take your time and really enjoy shopping.

Look up yahoo local and see if there is something going on near you, you might be unaware of.

Good luck and Ihope you have a great day!

Test out the ahemsturdinessahem of all your furniture? :eyebrow::eyebrow:


You read my mind!!!


How about going grocery shopping and making it together … a special little meal then just rest at home. quiet time at home together with a movie is nice too, unless you have a chance to do that already.

All good ideas! I think I might make some Cashew Chicken, Springfield style and then maybe just hang out at home. Not very exciting, but just a relaxing day sounds pretty good to me.

Dh and I liked to go to the movies during the day time on our days off. Before dd, that is. (Oh, we still go, but it’s to take her to see some kid flick while the theater is still fairly empty.)

We love daytime movies because:
-there is a good chance you will be alone
-you can talk out loud when you want.
-we get up and dance when there are music sequences in an empty theater

It’s a good time!

Another vote for a movie only I suggest you guys “neck” through the whole thing like we did as teenagers! Ah, memories!