What to do with 3 skains of yellow and 2 skains of orange!

i know i spelled skains wrong ! what do! do by the way … it’s Caron Simply soft!

HELP! :wall: :wall: :pout: :pout: :verysad: :waah:

Have you tried this site? http://www.caron.com/free.html

yes, i have :lol:

Caron Simply soft is what my daughter used when she knit the Tropical Punch Slipper Socks on my site (free pattern). We have also used it for preemie hats and outfits.

Mama Bear

ummmmm…i can’t afford dpn’s i need money!!! lol i need some easy and quick patterns!

If you have some circulars, you can do the pattern on them. Use magic loop or pull the cable on one side method (what’s that one called anyway?)


ummmm it’s magic loop! LOL UMMMM I ONLY HAVE 1 CIRC AND IT’S LIKE 29" ya … i told u i was broke i can only afford straights