What to do when you didnt make a lifeline?

because of course i did not.

here’s my pattern:

i was halfway through the 2nd set of lacwork.
and i was really doing well this time! (i say this time because i’ve frogged this project around 5x now…)
then i put the needles down for a sec to seperate my kids before there was bloodshed. when i picked them up and consulted my pattern (i cross off the rows as i go…) i got confused. it seemed i accidentally crossed off a row that wasnt actually completed. so i started again.
5 rows later and i realize im knitting on the wrong side.
my lacework is now backwards halfway through. im thinking of finishing anyway just to finally finish. i cant stand the thought of frogging this again.
i wanted to scream. so i put down the needles, made a drink and some popcorn and put on the boobtube.
i have no idea how to recover this project. should i just continue and finish it the way it is?

Rule number one: It’s your project, not the designer’s. Unless you’re knitting this on commission, you’re under no obligation to follow the pattern.

That means that if you think it looks interesting with the lace inside out on the second half, it’s absolutely your right and priviledge to continue it that way. Or if you think the yarn would look better back on the skein, you have every right to choose that option, too.

:frowning: I’m sorry…I feel your pain :frowning: You could do the “Destination Row” technique that Amy explains in Basic Techniques…More; I’ve used this & it works like a charm :wink:

AAACCCHHH!! You poor thing :shock: Instead of pulling it off the needles completely…You could ‘unknit’ the five rows stitch by stitch, row by row until you are back where you need to be. It doesnt take as long as you might think.
As its only 5 rows could you now get back on track the right way round and have it as interesting alternative.


Put it away while you consider your options.

Good luck :lol:

Since every other row is a purl, you can take it off the needles, rip until you’re on a lace row, then pull that row out one stitch at a time and stick you needle in the stitch that pops out. You’ll catch a purl row and can start your lace again.


This is one of the best statements I have ever read! (And it goes for more than knitting.)

thank you Ingrid! i avoided this project for a week now. last night i took a deep breath and began ripping. i actually was able to save it with only having to rip out the lace work. i ripped down to the series of garter stitch that preceeds the lacework.
im back on track.
thank you everyone!

I tend to put in my lifeline when needed on rows that are easy to work. If I’me lucky to have a pattern that occasionally has a full knit or purl row between pattern rows, I lifeline the he|| of that sucker… :roflhard:

My other method upon realizing I needed a lifeline… is to crack open a bottle of wine and watch movies… :doh:

I have never heard this term. Is there a video here about that? What is a life line? Why/when should I use one?

Here is a recent thread on lifelines.

Ingenious! I will definately be using that. Thanks!

That’s my favorite method of dealing with difficult projects! :roflhard: