What to do when you are between sizes?

Hi Everybody-

I need some sizing advice. I am knitting the pattern seen in the photo here. According to the pattern, my bust is a size medium but my hips are a size large. Go figure. :shrug:

Here is my dilemma–do I knit for my hip size or bust size? I am hesitant to knit for my hip size because then it would be 6" more than my bust size. But if I don’t knit the large, I am worried that the ribbing (which I know is stretchy) would look like it is stretching too much.

The only other thing I can think of is that K2P2 ribbing is often knit (unintentionally) at looser gauge than stockinette stitch and as a result people often go down a needle size or two to tighten it up. So maybe if I knit in the stated needle size it’ll be ok?

Can anyone give me some good advice on this? :pray:I could really use some help.



i would knit to your bust size. it doesn’t look like your hip size will factor too greatly in how it looks/fits you.

k2p2 stretches sooo much that it should be able to fit your hips. You could either knit is as stated for your bust size, use the larger needle size for all the ribbing, use the larger needle size for the hip part of the ribbing only, or do some decreases at the side between the hips and bust (so you would be knitting a size large for the hips and medium for the rest). These are the options I see anyways.

That ribbing is real stretchy, I would fit the bust. Do your swatches for the ribbing and see what it will measure, if necessary you could add some at the bottom and then do some extra decreases.

I don’t think you would be able to fix the top if it’s too large. Don’t ask how I know this…

Can you tell me what pattern that is? It’s really cute! And I agree, make it to fit your bust size.

Hi yarn doc

The pattern is Vista, from the Spring/summer 2006 Filatura Di Crosa pattern book. The pattern book is no longer available through the designer website, but I found my copy on ebay. The pattern is called vista because it uses a yarn by that name. Vista is no longer made (the yarn) but a helpful knitter on this site found out that Bella Colour is of similar weight and fiber content. And right now, they have a steal on that yarn at discontinuedbrandnameyarn.com