What to do when things go horribly wrong

Okay, I am still a basic knit-and-purl girl, which is fine for me right now. The problem with trying to master one skill before you go on to the next is that you don’t have the broad knowledge to know what you’re looking at when something unexpected pops up! :thinking:

Here’s my question…I am working on a baby blanket, and it’s way too late in the game for frogging to be an option. I had what appeared to be a dropped stitch, but when I tried to fix it (using the scant directions in S-n-B), the problem just scooted over to the next stitch. SOOOO, since I am not computer literate enough to post a picture, I will probably go to the LYS and “look pitiful” as my knitting buddy says for help. But I was wondering:

  1. Does anybody know offhand what could cause this in a simple basketweave pattern (I know chances are slim, but I had to ask)?

  2. IS THERE A GOOD “STITCH FIX-IT” BOOK REFERENCE AVAILABLE? This is my main question. Something with step-by-step pictures and directions? I’ve outgrown my S-n-B, but I don’t want to buy thirty different knitting encyclopedias right now. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

(A side note to Amy…if you do put a section with links to Amazon or books or the like, maybe a “review” feature would be helpful so we could get everyone’s input.)

Thanks in advance everyone!


OH! How FRUSTRATING!!! :doh:

Try watching Amy’s Videos on Fixing Mistakes. Its the second group of videos down on the page.

See if one fits!

What might have happened is that at some point in your pattern, you got ‘off’ one stitch, which made everything look weird. Does your stitch pattern look wrong from that one point onward?

If this is the case, ripping may be the only solution. Sorry.

However, if you are giving this as a gift to someone who will not see this as a mistake in your work, but just a new, unique stitch pattern, then go with the flow! Continue on and use this as a learning experience. We’ve all had these problems.

basketweave pattern sounds tricky. Does it look that terrible to make you want to rip the whole thing? I hate to do that after a lot of work. Maybe you can camouflage it somehow? embroidery!?