What to do? stitch holders and yarn

So I’ve come to the point in my first-ever actual piece of clothing (a sleeveless, turtleneck shell), where I must do the neck shaping, ending with “Place rem[aining] stitches onto stich holder…”

Now: what do I do with the rest of the yarn-ball? Do I cut leaving a long tail? Or do I wrap it onto a bobbin of some sort? Or do I wrap the garment-piece around the yarn ball and stash it away while I work the front? I’m just so not sure. If I do this last, then I don’t have enough “working” yarn for the front, and the pattern specified how many I should have. It even says, later, when attaching shoulders, “Attach a separate ball of yarn and work…” when, if I’m following the pattern correctly, I will have no “separate ball of yarn” left! (It took two plus a bit to work the back, I’m now using a third, and the pattern calls for [I]a total of [/I]5.)

Do these questions make sense? I’ll be hoping for help soon!! :o)


If you’re not going to do anymore work on the back, then cut the yarn, leaving about a 4-6" tail. Instead of “Attach a separate ball of yarn…” when you get to that point, just attach a yarn [B]end[/B] and follow the instructions.

Thanx, Suzeeq. I think I will be doing more work on the back, in that I’ll be attaching a turtleneck of some sort (the instructions of which have me so anxious I’m sure I’ll have to have an apoplectic trip to the LYS for first aid). FIRST however, I have to do the front of the shell, so I’ve got about a week or so until I have to actually panic. :slight_smile:


Right the turtleneck will be after you’ve got the front done and attached to the back at the shoulders. You’ll pick up stitches and the stitches on the holders and can use the yarn from the front to do that with.