What to do in Sonoma

Hi everyone :muah: I will be in Sonoma /Napa Valley CA in middle of May :cheering: anyone have any suggestions on cool yarn stores and flea markets :?? Or really cool things to do?? My last vacation (last May) was in Venice Italy…it will be nice to vacation in the US…Thanks all :hug:

If you like wine this is SOOOOOOO FUN!!!

Here are some other options.

If you are going to be in Napa, Calistoga is a great place to visit. It’s got a REALLY nice spa, geysers, hot springs, a wildlife preserve, oh oh and the petrified forest. Oh that place is fun!!!

There’s a ton of cool stuff to do in that area, and it’s absolutely beautiful! Have fun.

I don’t know about yarn shops but for a less crowded/touristy wine experience check out the wineries on dry creek road. There are tons and it is hard to find a bad one. Usually they are not very crowded and some still don’t charge for tastings. Most charge about 5$ now (that’s new in the last couple yrs, used to be free) and if you buy a bottle they credit you the $5. Some good ones are Davis Bynum, Belvedere, Rocchioli, Rabbit Ridge, Belvedere, Hop Kiln (which has fun mustards and sauces to taste with pretzles), the list goes on.

Visit the Sonoma Square for some fun shopping (no yarn store though, I checked). And try to have lunch at Charlie Parker’s restaurant if you can, it is awesome! Its called Dry Creek Kitchen and is on the square in a hotel there.

If you are going to be in Napa, there is http://www.anettes.com/0index.html which is a nice chocolate shop, featured on food network, etc. Who doesn’t love a good chocolate shop?

And just a couple doors down is a yarn store, I loved looking in there, but i was there before i was addicted to knitting, so dont remember what exacly they had. I remember thinking that they had many high-end yarns though! Could be wrong, we were also wine tasting that day!

The yarn store is Yarns on First - 1305 1st St, Napa, CA…

Found this article on them:

[i]A stitch in time …

One of the early trends of this century has been a resurgence in knitting, which had a significant gain in popularity after 9/11. Whether new to needles or someone with multiple sweaters, blankets and the like under your belt, you will be happy to see the arrival of Yarns on First, Napa’s only store dedicated to all things related to knitting. Owner Connie Eagan, who has knitted off and on her whole life, is very excited about the response from the community to her store.

“It seemed strange that a town the size of Napa didn’t have a store for knitters,” she said, making this a logical place to open. Yarns on First, open Tuesday through Saturday, is located at 1305 First St., just west of Randolph Street, and can be reached at 257-1363. Look for announcements on classes, from beginners to experienced, sometime in the future.[/i]

Just found this article which mentions several other knitting/yarn shops in the area…