What to do....easy way to get stitches back on needles?

Ok…working on this hat…I messed up SOMEWHERE…I had 72 stitches…I did a decrease and should have 64 according to my pattern…but I didn’t…so I put it down for awhile and decided to knit backwards and go back to my 72…well, THAT didn’t work!!! So then I kept knitting backwards (What is frogging??? Taking out something that is already knit?). Then I got frustrated and decided I would just unravel it all and start back over at my color change…which is about 33 ± row back :crying: …but I can’t get my stitches back on my needles without a lot of them dropping, then picking them back up, etc.

AND I have no idea how many rows I took out…I did have a decrease in there about 10 rows down but I can’t really see it well enough to tell one row from another!

HELP! :rollseyes:

If you look under the Basic Techniques–More section of the videos, there are different ways to pick up stitches and fix mistakes. I like finding the destination row, which is easiest when you have a color stripe to help keep track of rows.

Another way is to unravel and insert your needle one stitch at a time as the yarn pops out. When I have reinserted my needle after frogging (frogging is ripping out rows–called frogging because of “rip-it, rip-it”) I generally don’t worry if I get the stitch on twisted or not, as long as it’s on. I can always untwist it if if’s on wrong as I’m knitting the next row.

Once you get your stitches back on the needle, then you can count how many rows you still have knitted to see where you are.

(Deep breath)…here I go!!


Also… if you can get the stitches back on the needles put in a lifeline so so if you have to go back it’s easy to put the stitches back on. I gradually move the lifeline up as I do the rows on my cabled scarf. I always move it up into the same spot in the pattern so I know where I’m at if I have to go back. It’s a life saver! Or at least a mind saver… :wink:

Thanks for all your help…I’ll have to check out the lifeline!