What to do after you turn the heel?

I have been knitting for a little over two years. I have made several baby blankets, scarfs and afghans. I even finished a sweater a few weeks ago, but until last week, I had never attempted knitting in the round. I saw a stocking that I loved at a knitting shop and bought the pattern. I was able to figure it out and in two hours, I had the leg finished, the heel turned and then I was stuck.

Here are the following instructions: Instep Gussett - With MC and a 3rd dpn knit across the 18 sts for the instep, keeping 9 sts on each dpn when done. With the 3rd dpn, knit up 10 stiches along the side of the heel flap: 1st for each “valley” in the edge. With the circular K, across the bottom of the heel, placing a blue marker in the middle of the 12 sts to mark the beg/end of the rds.

What I don’t understand is the part that says “With the 3rd dpn, knit up 10 stiches along the side of the heel flap: 1st for each “valley” in the edge” What do I knit it to? Do I slid the 3rd dpn into the stiches and knit it to the stiches of the instep? I am VERY CONFUSED!!! Can somebody help me?


Gigi :shrug:

Where it’s saying ‘knit up’, it means the same as ‘pick up stitches’. Are you familiar with that technique? If not, I’ll direct you here, about two thirds down the page there is a video that shows how.

The thing in your pattern about the ‘valley’…between the stitches that have been on hold up till now (the instep stitches) and the sides of the heel flap that you are going to be picking up stitches along, it is common that a hole forms there. So this is why it’s telling you to pick up one stitch in that gap before picking up the rest along the heel flap edge.

There is a sock video that shows picking up sts along the gusset here, the process is the same for your stocking. Do these videos help (this one and the one knitqueen showed you)?

Thank you, both! I think I have it now. Those videos were very helpful. I’ll post pics of the finished stocking when I am done.

Thanks again!

Gigi :cheering:

Good, I’m happy they helped! Looking forward to seeing your stocking!