What to charge?

I made a wrap for a friend out of Lion Brand Trellis. She paid me for the materials, and it took about 10 hrs to complete. She wants to pay me for my time, but I can’t see charging even minimum wage - that would be over $80 total for a simple item. What would be a reasonable amount to charge for a Stst wrap? I’d like something for my time, but I don’t want to take advantage, either.

How about twice the amount of the cost of the materials? that way it covers the cost of another project for you?

I agree, I have sold items in the past and usually what u do is double or triple from what it costs you.


So since she already paid for the materials, I should charge her $30 - $60 additionally for my time? I think I can live with that.
Thanks for the help!:thumbsup: