What to buy?

Dear Friends,
I am new to this forum as well as for knitting.
I would like to learn knitting and Crochet.
Could you please suggest me the size of knitting needles and Crochet
and the type of yarn to buy for beginners like me to learn and practice.
I really appreciate your help.

For knitting, I would suggest a nice worsted weight yarn. Caron Simply Soft is nice and easy to work with. As for needles, I recommend US11 or US10 1/2. They’re a good diameter to grasp well. Good luck!

For practicing, an inexpensive worsted weight yarn, will sometimes be labeled a `4’ in either a light color or variegated to see the stitches better, and smooth not furry or fuzzy. For knitting, start out with size 10s, they’re large, but you can make the sts eaiser that way. For a crochet hook, maybe an I or J size would good to start with.

I agree with the Caron Simply Soft as a decent feeling worsted weight yarn to start with. I use it a lot. Size 10s would be perfect for starting off.

Don’t know jack about crochet :rofl:

Welcome to Knitting Help!

As said above, the SS is a good yarn to get started with, IMHO. If you watch Amy’s videos, youu can see how to cast on, knit, purl, etc. Just pick up the yarn and go.

Don’t know if you noticed it, but we do have a section on crochet. You just have to play around until you find what suits you. I do both, usually using crochet to border something knitted.

I would also suggest using a lighter colored yarn, and varigated (where it changed color often) is best, because you’ll be able to see your stitches better. And welcome!!!

Dear Friends,
Thanks a lot.
I was really surprised with quick response from 5 friends within short period of time.
I will get the items as u have suggested.
Thanks again.

That’s what we’re here for :mrgreen:

For crochet I suggest you buy a single Boye and a single Susan Bates hook.
If you want to save a little money or if you only have a Walmart close you can try CrystaLite instead of the Bates.

Boye and Bates are designed differently and depending on your style you will probably really hate the one you don’t like. If you like the Crystalite you’ll like the Bates design.

I would get K for Boye and a L, M, N, P 4 pack in Crystalite. These are on the large side but you will probably be tight for a while anyway and this is just to figure out the brand you’ll like.

Once you figure out the type you like I would buy a full set of hooks. I think Boye is E-J and Bates is B-K.
If you like Boye you have a set E-K, if you like Bates you’ll have a complete set. Plus you’ll have the L, M and P in plastic, plus even if you like Boye their N hook has too large of a head and you’ll probably like the Crystalite N better.

I’d pick up some cheap yarn and just play with it. Make swatches of all the stitches. Then you can decide what you want make later.

Thanks Mike for detailed description.