What to buy

I need a 16" circular and my local Wal-Mart only has 29" ones. So, I will just have to buy one from Knit Picks… oh darn! :teehee:

So, I am trying to figure out what else to get… yarn? patterns? needles? I would :heart: to get a set of Options, but I don’t think I justify the expense to DH, yet… :wink:

What are some of your favorite things on that site? Give me suggestions!


Im working on a stockpile of Palette. :roflhard: I keep buying, and forgetting about it…

no 16" cord in the options set, alas…though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the set, anyway!

stuff for me. :roflhard:

they’re still having their book sale. yarn’s always good. then there’s needles, and stuff to go with needles, and the patterns they have are pretty neat. so i guess what i’m saying is pretty much anything and everything! :eyes: if you haven’t tried socks yet, get some of their sock yarn. or if you have, get some of their sock yarn. their prices really can’t :fingerwag: be beat. :thumbsup:

Tell your DH that you MUST order the Options to save money in the long run. And to get the free shipping!:teehee:

[B]~I second this!~:teehee:[/B]

[COLOR=blue]Me too! :woot: Me too! They are wonderful! [/COLOR]


you won’t get 16" circs in options. but you could get 32" and learn magic loop. i love it! i’ll be glad to help you if you need help.

Tell DH democracy rules and KH has voted!

You as you tell him ----> :flirt: