What three colors would you use for this scarf?

What three colors for this scarf? :slight_smile:

:?? I guess it sorta depends on what colors you like and if it is for a gift what color that person likes. IMHO I might do it in 2 shades of pink and white. Or you could so it in your favorit teams colors … :??

Pink, Turquoise and cream - thats the colour on the sock yarn I’m using at the moment and its yummy together =D

Try playing on this:

Random Stripes

I’d probably go with something boring like black, red and tan…so I could wear it with lots of stuff.

WOW, hard to choose and I like different colors on different days. Today I’m saying…3 shades of the same color, any color.

Pink, Turquoise and cream sounds great to me

This is definately on my list to do.

:muah: Sharon

Is this the pattern you are knitting ?


I think I will knit with some left over yarn in different shades of brown–that is cream, tan, and brown------

I agree… it depends on who you’re making it for…

I am doing an entrelac scarf in KPs Andean Silk in Navy, Bluebell and Mustard… It is GORGEOUS. The colors are delicious together becuase of their depth.

If it were for me, i’d make it in black, charcoal or light grey and then some other color to add some spice, like amethyst or dark cherry… or an earthy yellow…


I wouldn’t use the colors the photo has. It makes it look like she doesn’t know how to color - coordinate in dressing. I would go with either very bright contrast like black/white/red, or pink/violet/lavendar. That’s just me.

I did a search for braidscarf as now I think I will knit one. Thanks by the way. I found this— where they use the same color but in different texures of yarn which is interesting and pretty. http://www.handknitting.com/site/braided_scarf.html

depends on what your favorite colors to work with are, and who’s going to wear it. my first thought is violet/plum/lavendar. but I always choose colors combos that lean toward off-the-wall.
olive green/chocolate/plum
royal blue/forest green/maroon
lime green/orange/magenta
turquoise/chocolate/avocado green

Burgundy, cream and black.

Kemp you read my mind!!
burgundy, brown, black or
Burgundy, brown,cream
It depends… do you like jewel tones(burgndy, dk purple, blue)
or do you like pastels or do you neturals… or do you like bright colors( tourquoise, pink, lime green, peach)

msshelton, I don’t have a pattern. I just saw a pic and thought I’d like to make it. :wink: (I never use patterns) … I’m just going to knit three sections (in knit/purl) maybe in a tube? (so there’s no “wrong” side) then braid them. :wink:

I like the turqouise/pink/cream idea. :wink:

Someone suggested brown, cream and turquoise I thought that might be pretty. ? :slight_smile: They are a sort of “vogue” color combination. :slight_smile:

I like the colors she has on too…

I also thought of pink, lime and cream (LOVE that combo) but thought maybe it is too summery for a winter scarf???

I also thought of 3 different shades of green (I LOVE green), I thought of lime, kelly and hunter??? but wasn’t sure if that would look good or not…

Someone had suggested burgundy, brown, and cream like you guys. :wink: I think? that might? be a nice combo for winter… :slight_smile: ?

I also thought of peach, pink and cream? but I don’t know if I’d like that one once it was done? (bad combo??? to summery???) ?

Hmmmm. ??? :wink: :slight_smile:

(p.s. yes I do tend to like bright colors but don’t want something that is off-season looking??? or too “crazy” / clashy looking. :slight_smile: )