What the?

knitting a baby outfit so there are 3 different sizes. I chose the middle size. I have 52 stiches
says K2, (K2tog, k3) 9 times, (K2tog, k3) 0 times, (K2tog, k3) 0 times, (K2tog, k1) 3 times. 42 stiches.

This doesn’t seem to make sense to me. Can anyone explain?

Is it the 0 times that is confusing you? That means for your size you don’t do those.

Do you have a pattern name and link?

yup its the snuggly snowflake chunky (sirdar) but i don’t have the link. I understand that you don’t knit the 0…but the math doesn’t add up. I should end up with 42 stiches…but i’m knitting together 12 times, 20 shouldn’t it be 40 stiches?

What you’re doing is this -

k2, (K2tog, k3) 9 times, (K2tog, k1) 3 times.
The k2tog 3 reduces 5 sts to 4, 4 times 9 = 36. The k2tog k1 reduces 3 sts to 2, times 3 is 6. I don’t know what you do with the first k2… because 36 plus 6 is 42 then the k2 at the beg for a total of 44 sts. Though according to this, you’d be starting with 56 sts in the first place. Are you sure that’s the correct numbers for your size? Like maybe the last k2tog, k1 should be done twice, not 3 times? That’s why it’s good to look at the pattern, or you copy it exactly the way it’s written and check for any typos on your end.

The pattern as written takes 56sts and decreases to 44sts (you’re right, a decrease of 12sts). Check and see how many sts you have on the needle before this decrease row. I’d look at the following rows, check how many sts are called for and decrease to that number. The yarn looks very fuzzy and thick so it may not matter. You’re using the Sirdar Snowflake Chunky yarn to make which pattern?

Its a baby outfit that looks like a bear. The last row I did said I should end with 52 stitches. Thats why I am so confused. I am following the pattern.

This may be the pattern but of course we can’t see the instructions. Can you quote a few lines (not the whole pattern) before and after the one in your earler post and also let us know where you are in the pattern (sleeves, back, etc.)?

yup that’s the pattern. I am working on the back.

k18, m1, k14, m1, k18. 48 (52:56) stitches

cont without shaping until back measures 7.5 inches from 2 cast on stitches, ending with ws row.

next row
k1 (2:1), (k2tog, k3)4 (9:5) times, (k2tog, k2) 1 (0:1) times, (k2tog, k3)4 (0:5)times, k2tog k1 (3:1).
38 (42:46) sts**

now i have chosen the middle number for my size.

Aha! This is slightly different from your earlier post.
Now the next row is:
k1 (2:1), (k2tog, k3)4 (9:5) times, (k2tog, k2) 1 (0:1) times, (k2tog, k3)4 (0:5)times, [U]k2tog k1 (3:1).[/U]38 (42:46) sts**

The last part of the pattern is k2tog, k3. So your row is
k2, (k2tog, k3) 9 times, k2tog, k3.
That starts with 52sts and ends with 42sts, a decrease of 10sts.
And there you go.

ohhhh! huff guess I just needed another pair of eyes. THANKS SO MUCH!

When a pattern has different st numbers or repeats for different sizes, it’s a good idea to make a copy and use a highlighter on the numbers for your size so they stand out more and you can follow it easier.

It helps to print out the pattern and circle the instructions for your size so you don’t get confused with those multisize patterns.