What the?

Hi! <sheepish.wave>

Ok… I’ve had PC issues, so have been re-re-building my PC and trying to get it to function properly.

I come back this evening hoping to start a funky KAL… and I find threads of ppl leaving???

I don’t want to resurge the drama, as it’s obviously all over (kinda) now… but DON’T LEAVE!!!

:frowning: KH was my one forum that had no drama and everyone played nice… I don’t know when or why that changed but… <sad.tia.here>…

I don’t know what to say/do… I’ve noticed a couple of my friends are now gone… and although I lurve everyone :wink: … I feel torn. I don’t want to leave… I love it here… or I did… :frowning:

Please reassure me there’s still lots of love here!!

I come back this evening hoping to start a funky KAL… and I find threads of ppl leaving???

I don’t do KALs, so I missed the goodbye threads. But I did see a long thread on another popular knitting board lamenting about how many members had left. Strange. :shrug:

Maybe it’s just with school starting or people getting ready to just generally “refresh and renew” in the Fall that’s keeping them off the board(s)?

All boards have their dramas - goes with the territory. But, there’s love too if you’re open to it. I hope you’re not too worried. :slight_smile:

Apparently I misseed something and I was here all along I only know of 1 lost member what threads were you referring too?:??

Well, if you go in the blog threads, you will understand better. But some blogs were deleted, a lot of the discussion was deleted as well, some members were banned and many others just left. So to understand what’s going on, the best is to ask Amy and Sheldon I suppose. :shrug: Or to just let it go and hope it’s over. :pout:

It was a great big mess that started over a lot of misunderstanding, too much speculation, and a betrayal. I think people were hurt on both sides and it just ended very ugly with people leaving. :verysad:

I am pretty upset about the whole thing and now that everything has been brought to my attention, I feel like a fool for not being a better mod. I’m pretty much emotionally spent and don’t know what to do anymore.

I hope people can just let it go. It was a mess that is really best just left alone. The good thing is that it can only get better from here, and hopefully future issues will be dealt with more efficiently.

Okay… I do love it here, so I will be sticking around… :smiley:

I don’t want to bring it all back out… I’m sure I’ll get the story eventually… but pls… would prefer it PM’d or emailed… don’t want to raise the dead, IYKWIM…


:hug: Don’t be too hard on yourself Silver. We all appreciate the work all the mods are doing, and we know how difficult it is, with the forum being so big!

I think you’re absolutely right. Better to let it go and move on! :grphug: Some people left but new members are joining us every day. Let’s focus on that!

OH wowEnough said.Your a great mod Silver don’t be so hard on yourself.

misstialouise~I was wondering where you had been…great to see you posting!!!

Silver~ :hug:

Hmmm…I’m so lost! I certainly hope none of my threads contributed to whatever drama transpired.

I love this board and all of y’all!

Nice to see you again, my friend!

Silver, I think you are a great mod!!!

Thanks everyone. :hug: I wasn’t fishing for compliments though. Just feeling kinda bummed about the whole thing. I’ll be ok though… :heart:

I been frazzled and weepy all day over this and could use a hug… :shifty: [SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver]Not fishing for pity here, I’ll get over it.[/COLOR][/SIZE]:teehee:

Nothing is really solved by leaving so I hope we can just move forward from here. KH is really a great forum with so many wonderful people! Everybody knit something and share it! Woohoo! :thumbsup:

Here’s a great big hug for you Jan!


:roflhard: This is a very… powerful hug Silver. Hilarious!

Here’s a traditional one for you Jan. :hug::teehee:

Hehe… Love that hug, Silver. I feel all squishy now… :teehee: Thank you, Iza! :hug:

Still plenty of love around. . .let’s keep fostering it.:heart:

How’s that baby, Tia?

Jan and Silver…:muah::grphug: :hug:
you’re doing a great job, as are all the mods. I think KH is still a terrific place.

I wasn’t on this weekend so i’m completely lost as well. but i think you mods do i great job and I hope no one else leaves. I think this place is great. it took me a long time to find this place where i can share my joy of knitting with you wonderful people so PLEASE NO ONE ELSE LEAVE!!

great big hugs to you all :muah::muah::muah::muah::muah::muah:

Since we’re spreadin’ the hugs around…