What the heck did I knit?

So, I’m a newbie and asking I’m sure a newbie question but hope you all will bear with me. :slight_smile:

While trying to practice ribbing, I have made a very pretty piece of fabric but it is not ribbing. LOL

I co an odd number, unknowingly, and began to k1p1 with each row beginning and ending in knit stitch. So, did I knit a seed stitch or something else?

Thanks all!

yup ya sure did! :wink:

Thank you!!

Meri…if its ribbing you want, you just need to knit the sts as they appear to you. You CAN cast on an odd number of sts and k1p1, but on the second row, you’ll need to start with a p1. This will be a great way to learn how to recognize your sts from the backside!

it’s always important to recognize your backside, in my opinion.

:roflhard: Some, however, are easier to find than others!!


I was making a GENERAL statement! Not implying ANYTHING!! I SWEAR!!

:rofling: well i was wagging at Hilde cuz she is obviously bad! :wink: