What the heck did I do wrong? Please help!

Hi everyone. I could use some help. I am trying to teach myself how to knit but I don’t know what mistakes I’m making, only that I’m making plenty of them!

I had successfully completed just a few rows or so I thought, until I created this mess. Is it fixable or should I just start over? Any guidance is very much appreciated!



It looks like you dropped a stitch right at the beginning of your work It’s hard to see the rest because of the dark color of the yarn But, I would rip it out and start over, because of that first dropped stitch in the beginning.


You’re definitely dropping stitches You need to start over again Luckily, you’ve only completed a couple rows.

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Welcome to KH. Overall your stitches look really good.

To make your learning to knit easier I’d suggest a lighter colored yarn that makes it easier to see what you’re doing and have done. If you go to You Tube and search on fixing knitting mistakes you’ll get a whole bunch of choices. I think the dropped edge stitches are fixable and it’s worth a try before ripping it all out. For this I did find a video. This is all part of learning to knit. It will get better in part because you’ll learn to identify the problem and will know if you can fix it. Let us know how this goes and ask any questions you have. Chances are we’ve all been there, done that.

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You saw the edge stitch problem involving more stitches better than I did.

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You’ll do fine!! But, the first row of knitting is always where you need to be very careful Always take a second to check your work before you continue. If you look at your very first stitch, you didn’t knit it, so your whole project won’t be right . If you look above that stitch, you’ll see another dropped stitch . So, just start again, slowly. Hope this was helpful❤️


Thank you Steve!

Thank you for the video and the encouraging words! I am glad to at least have a name/diagnosis for what I did wrong. Y’all are amazing!

I will study the video and keep trying. I’m enjoying the journey.

Also thank you for the tip about lighter yarn. I think I have some gray yarn that I can try.

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Nothing to add, but your knitting looks really neat besides the dropped stitches - and I love the look of that blue yarn you first tried!

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It’s so easy to drop a stutch off the end of the needle. Even more experienced knitters can drop and end stitch. I always treat my row ends like they are soooo delicate!
Do you have some stitch stoppers (also called point protectors) to pop on the ends of your needles when you put your work down or away? If not then I suggest getting some, grey ont need to be fancy and can be super cheap budget friendly. Mine came free with some needles.

I agree with Shintoga, your knitting looks lovely and neat other than the dropped end stitch. You’re doing great.
We’re very happy to have new knitters here.

If your run hadn’t reached the cast on edge you could probably have fixed it - don’t feel like you always have to restart when there’s a mistake or a dropped stitch, it’s not always the case.

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